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GM application (filled out) Empty GM application (filled out)

Post  darklight on Wed Jul 08, 2009 11:06 am

What are you applying for?:Gm

Name :Braden

Age :17

Where do you live/Timezone: Louisiana/New Orleans

How active will you be: 5/6 hours a day


Hobbies :Baseball,football, maplestory, hanging with friends, flying remote planes, riding dirtbike

How you'd handle a hacker : First i would jail him and consult a gm or admin higher level then me or the owner of game and we would talk and consider the damage and what he was using during game time then i would say lets talk to him about it and if needed ban him or keep him in jail for a while

If two people were fighting, what would you do? :well i would spawn one in jail and goto jail and talk to him and see his side of the story and then switch em out then find another gm higher level than me or a the owner if he/she is on and consult with him/her and find a verdict to the situationn vut i would not suggest banning them.

How many servers have you been a GM/Admin in? and name them: Four

Why should we choose you: I am very experienced, i consider myself to be meture and make the right choises in all of my GM duties. I am responsible i have never hacked and dont plan to, I dont consider myself a nerd but i do spend some what of alot of hours in the Private Servers. I dont give away items and i have alot of ideas to get new people and make the people stay.

Reason i applied:I saw your Private Server on Top 200 and i like the description of it i like the rates and when i wen to chat box Bubbles (very nice gm) told me this was a good time to apply so i did. i hope that this can be an pleseant gaming experience for all of us no problems for annyone with or withour me being a gm.

Summary of yourself : I am calm/reserved i am a people person (not a nerd)

Extra Info: Not much i explained all in other catagories.

In game name:Tiger

Made By Bailey.


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