A gamemaster ^.^ (Accepted)

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A gamemaster ^.^ (Accepted) Empty A gamemaster ^.^ (Accepted)

Post  aznjimmy on Mon Jun 29, 2009 2:42 pm



Email:geoblade12@gmail.com,if you want yahoo my yahoo is nguyen.john65@yahoo.com,if you want aol instead its aznxchowder@aol.com,or msn aznxchowder@hotmail.com

Hobbies:-playing sports
-chatting with friends
-meeting new people
-hanging out with my friends
-going to parties
-listen to music
-i like to draw sometimes
-play games with my friends Very Happy
-watching t.v.
-and playing cards
How active will you be:I will probably be active everyday to see my friends and meet other people.3-4 hours

Where are you from, Country/Timezone:United States/West Coast Specific time

Why did you apply:I wanted to apply because i would like to have fun ,helping other people,making videos with my friends and gms,and i like GMing servers because it's fun and the best way to get to know players.

How many Servers have you been a GM/Admin before:I have been a game master for about 2 times.

If two person were fighting, what will you do:ask whats the problem and try to solve it calmly if that doesn't work i will normally jail both players and ask them what gone wrong by them selves. to try to fix the problem with out having 1 spamming when the other is talking to me
How will you handle a Hacker:ill follow the hacker for 2 ~ 10 min.s to make sure they didn't turn of the hacks for a bit then take some screen shots and ban if/when i am 100% sure that person is hacking,i just want this server to be a happy server. Very Happy xD

Why should we choose you:I should be chosen because i think it would be a lot of fun to be gm and meeting new people,im a nice person and easy to get along with i enjoy doing events and helping others when needed ill follow the gm rules custom made for this server and first i have to ask permission to make an event.

Summary about yourself:A summary about myself is i am kind,helpful,i like to have fun,and meeting new people.

In-game Name:AznJimmy its going to be when its online ^_^

*Extra Two questions. Please include this.
1. Did you help the Server in any way:By trying my best to help my friends to have fun and make this server have fun.when its going to be online LOL

2. Do you know the Server well enough to be chosen:Well i think i will when i get to know this server more xD.

Thank you for reading my gm application and thank you for reading my GM application and i am looking forward to the upcoming results, Thanks! Cool

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A gamemaster ^.^ (Accepted) Empty Re: A gamemaster ^.^ (Accepted)

Post  Baileyx3 on Tue Jun 30, 2009 6:56 am

Congratz and welcome to the team Jimmy<333

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