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MehChan's GM Application :] Empty MehChan's GM Application :]

Post  Mehchan on Sun Jul 12, 2009 6:42 pm

What are you applying for?: Game Master

Name : Miki Ng

Age :14(turning 15 in August)

Where do you live/Timezone: Southern California, PST time zone

How active will you be: It is summer vacation so I am probably on a lot, possibly 4-6 hours per day

Hobbies: Drawing, Swimming, Maple story, Hang out, Anime

How you'd handle a hacker: If someone reported a hacker, first I will get there as soon as possible. I will use hide and watch them for several minutes, if that person is really hacking then I will take a screenshot of the hacker. I will take action and ban the hacker.

If two people were fighting, what would you do?: I will warn them to stop their fighting or arguing. If they ignore my warning, I will jail them and have a talk with their problem until they cool down.

How many servers have you been a GM/Admin in? and name them: I do not have any experience in being a GM.

Why should we choose you: Even though I may not have any experience in being a GM I will try my best to help out this server and keep it fun and clean.

Can you code: I cannot code, but I am willing to learn if needed.

Reason i applied: I want to help out this server to make it fun. I will be happy if the players of this server are satisfied.

Summary of yourself: I am going to be a sophomore in September. I like to chat with friends and other people. I do not get angry very often, even if someone calls me a bad name.

Extra Info: I am willing to learn anything that is required or needed

In game name: MehChan

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