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Post  Animefart on Mon Jul 13, 2009 1:40 pm

IGN:AznWaffle (Haven't made yet, will after non hamachi Razz)

Real Name:Brandon Huynh

Location:U.S.A, Kansaas, Wichita

Contact:i have a MSN, FaceBook,and Myspace


How i act:Mature, hyper sometimes

Hobby:playing MapleStory

Playing Time:Random but, i try to be on atleast 3 hours a day

Family:1brother, 1step-brother, 1mom, 1dad, 1stepmom

Why i want to be a gm:1st=who doesn't XD 2nd=i know alot about maplestory and i want to put that to good use 3rd=i don't get annoied with ppl when they ask lots of Questions 4th=i make friends easily 5th=i know alot of commands 6th=i know commands that crashes server and could tell u about how to avoid

Experience:I was a gm once

Specials:i create maple pictures

Jobs:im 2 young

DreamJob:Hotel Owner

Grades:A-C going to 7th grade

Addiction:yes im addicted so what What a Face

Extra infomation:i like waffles, i have a wierd fashion, i hope one day i get hit by a car and land on my feet OK Shocked

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