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Ranci's GM application Empty Ranci's GM application

Post  FrontlineMan on Fri Jul 03, 2009 7:02 pm

What are you applying for?: Forum Mod/Game Master

Name : Matthew Peterson

Age : 14

Where do you live/Timezone: California PST

How active will you be: I'm usually at home all day long, usually 3-6 hours?

E-Mail: MacheteGun@yahoo.com

Hobbies : Playing video games, playing private servers. eating. :3

How you'd handle a hacker : I jail them, tell the server host/admin for

If two people were fighting, what would you do? : Stop them, if they don't stop i'll World Tour both of em, and if they don't stop I'll jail em so they can fight there.

How many servers have you been a GM/Admin in? and name them: I was a GM in AzuMS and a event assistant in MatrixMS.

Why should we choose you: I really don't mind who you choose. There probably is someone better than me in the server, but I just wanna help.

Reason i applied: I'm just looking for a GM job in a server.

Summary of yourself : There aint really much. I'm a bit quiet, I smoke, I get homeschooled, I ride BMX, I've been a GM for a year. I played Maplestory for 6 years.

Extra Info: If I don't respond to your emails, your can get me on my xbox live account. GT: Error in Name


In game name:


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